Now before I reveal to you advertising’s highest goal, tell me what strategy you’re using in advertising your company?

How often does the average citizen purchase the product or service you sell?

Most businesses advertise as if this was the final weekend, they act as if after this weekend they will no longer be selling what their selling. Trying to convince buyers that the best time to buy is NOW!

Training your customers to wait for a sale is a bad strategy. But that is what most advertising does.

What about all those future customers, the ones that might be in the market later a month from now or a year?

Are you waiting until your customers are in the market now to reach out? Many of your competitors are doing the same thing therefore the customer is not only smacked by your ads, but also the ones of your competitors. Talk about a crowded market place. You can’t hear a single voice when everyone is shouting at you.

What is the highest goal of advertising?

It is to convince your customer of your worth long before they need what you sell.

Win the hearts of your customer before they’re in the market, then you will stand apart from your competition. While everyone is shouting for your customer’s attention, you will have already won their trust.

Be the company your customers think of first and feel best about.

Don’t advertise for the quick pay-off to get immediate results. Advertise for the long-run, the marathon runner of advertising.

Advertise the why. Wait for the when.

What you must do is win the hearts of tomorrow’s customers with a memorable message and repeat those ads relentlessly, over and over again and then wait for your future customer’s to need what you’re selling.

Cassandro Marketing

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