In very simple terms, we multiply the effectiveness of your advertising…

By making your ads work better, you attract more customers.

You need to quit wasting your ad dollars on ads that don’t work.

The Wizard of Ads can write the stuff that makes people want to give you their money again and again.  We can find the offer in your business that customers actually care about. 

We turn advertising campaigns into local business success stories.
And we’re good at it.

In a nutshell…We Write Better Ads.

Do your ads speak to what the customer actually cares about?

Clarity is the new Creativity…

Every owner wants to make the same three things happen with their business.

  • They want to make money.
  • They want to build a name.
  • They want to make a difference.

The priority in which you put these wants will determine which business strategy will be the most effective for your company.

Times have changed. You have to sharpen your message, so sharp that cuts through all the noise to reach the mind of your customer. You must simplify your message.

We are in the business of persuasion…

We write ads that make your cash register ring.

At the Wizard of Ad’s our pay is directly tied to your success. We make money based upon the results we achieve.

We Make Money When You Make Money.

Our ads are effective because our approach to ad writing is simple and effective. We write to be heard. We write to be understood. We write to persuade!

We don’t write ads to win awards. Winning awards doesn’t make you money. We write ads that make you money.

You’ll discover we can do more with 80% of your marketing dollars than you can with 100%.

So one of the questions I have for you is, what’s the highest and best use of your advertising dollars?

Businesses bring me in when…

• They have a need to advertise their business more profitably and make that cash register ring which means more customers.

• Their sales have flattened and they don’t know why.

• They’re very good at what they do but want to expand their marketing beyond what they can do for themselves. They want to focus their ad strategy and start spending smart ad dollars that multiplies their business.

• When there is a disconnect with the message of the company and the customers they attract.

• When they want to position their company to be the company customers think of first and feel best about when their customers needs arise.

Let’s connect and see what we can create together.

My area of expertise includes:
Corporate Sales, Public Speaking, Advertising, Marketing, Business Positioning, Creating a Delight Factor & Customer Experience.

Call me and let’s talk!

Jerry Cassandro

818 395-9886

“Your customer will buy whichever product she feels best about. Let’s make sure she feels best about yours.”

—The Wizard of Ads

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