If you’re interested in getting more information regarding the Wizard of Ads or to get started building your business…

contact me by calling 818 395-9886

or email me at jerrycassandro@wizardofads.com

I have a corporate sales and marketing background and have been a environmental communications consultant for over 25 years for such companies as Walt Disney, Boeing Aircraft, Kraft Foods, Armstrong World and The Pillsbury Corporation, JBL Electronics and DW Drum.

My team helps owner-operated businesses attract more profitable customers by giving your business a louder, more convincing voice in the market place. A voice that cuts through all the clutter and reaches present and future customers.

Someone asked me one time…“I just have a question I would like to ask, can I ask for free?”

Yes! If you have a question, or would like me to give a quick glance at your advertising or give some quick advice on an upcoming ad campaign, or bounce an idea or two off me, I do give a limited amount of time for free questions. Simply e-mail me your question and I can either respond to you by e-mail or call you. Your choice.