A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ” —-Ancient Chinese Proverb

You are about to take a wonderful journey. However, you must take that all important first step.

Welcome aboard…

Your company is important to you. Maybe at one time it was just a dream, but now you brought it into reality. Possibly your business is a service, or it sells a product, but it’s your contribution to the world. Your business may even dramatically improve peoples lives.

However, for customers to know about your business, they must first hear that it exists.

People must know you’re available and this is not an easy task.

For people to know that your business exists, you must give it a voice.

Your future customer is listening, however, you must break through all the noise and grab their attention. For your voice to be heard, people must take an interest in what you’re saying. You have to fight for their valuable attention, convincing them that your company is a solution to their problem or something that can improve their lives.

Advertising convinces people to give your company a try.

Advertising works in the mind, announcing your offer to people who might already be in the market to buy today. Also, more importantly it plants a seed into the minds of future customers, those customers who will buy but may not quite yet be ready today. However, they may be ready a month from now, six months from now, or a year from now. Your advertising campaign must include future customers as well.

A well planned and executed advertising campaign will build name recognition in the minds of your future customers. A well worded advertising campaign is coordinated to capture the attention and imagination of the buying public.

So over time, your message will strengthen your presence in the market and reinforce your message in the hearts and minds of present and future customers.

 The ultimate goal to advertising is… To be the company your customers think of first and feel best about.

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