Dear Business Owner,

Can I talk to you regarding your company for a moment?

Your company and my company have something wildly in common. We both want your company to make a lot of money.


By optimizing your business, we want to make your business work harder for you, more than you will have to work harder for it.

Bringing the best service or product to market doesn’t do you any good if nobody ever hears about what you have to offer. You need a voice in the market.

So I would like to talk with you about the potential growth of your business. Your potential growth is like a wide open blue ocean of opportunity that can reach far beyond the horizon.

But, did you ever stop and think about your advertising and what it might look like or sound like in the eyes and ears of your future customers?

It’s a non-stop blitz of advertising messages battling for the attention of your customers.
Everywhere your customer turns they are saturated with advertising messages, ‘Try this… or buy that,’ they have no choice but to screen it all out because the human mind simply can’t absorb that much information. They can’t process that much data all at once, it’s like aiming a fire hose at a tea cup. So there’s no surprise consumers are reacting negatively to advertising.

Are they reacting negatively to your ads?

The truth is, we’re exposed to more than thousands upon thousands of messages every day, everywhere we turn we’re bombarded with advertising messages that are constantly trying to persuade us to buy.

Unlike so many business owners, what they truly want is more customers.

Do you want more customers?

Do you have the courage to stand apart from the crowd, to truly be different, and then to shout that message from the roof tops? If you do, get ready to see your advertising begin to really pay off.

You maybe already own a company who’s successful, your business is doing very well, sales are booming, there’s a predictable cash flow, your company is growing.

Your future looks terrific.

“However how do I get to the next level?” You might be asking yourself.


You may realize your company has a problem. You know something’s wrong but you can’t seem to put you finger on it. The problem is costing your company money and you need a few solutions to how you can get past this problem.

Maybe you are well aware of the problem or maybe you’re not, but need some clarification to what to do next. 


You might be complacent in your market, growth as slowed or stopped. On one hand you see no need to change, however, you know in the back of your mind if you continue to stay complacent you might find yourself in trouble. Competition in your category is getting fierce and you may of had the edge at one time but now you’re about to charter into unfamiliar waters.

You might be looking for that map to show you where the treasure is buried, a team of experts you can rely on to take you to the next level and give your company that competitive edge it’s looking for.

We’ll supply the treasure map and the shovels.


You might be that all knowing person that believes they have all the answers and all business consultants are full of shit…

In this case don’t call me.

However, it all comes down to you, either learn to make your business work harder for you, or you will have to work harder for it.

Owners like yourself continue to search for the perfect marketing edge or the perfect ad campaign or the latest gimmick to get people’s attention. And like so many, they learn that it’s not enough.

As my partner Roy Williams says: Ads are like houses. You can do a good job constructing a badly designed house, but when you’re through, you’ve still got a badly designed house. It doesn’t matter how good you are with a hammer and a saw when the blueprints themselves are faulty.

The truth is, one of the greatest myths in marketing is the belief that advertising, by itself, is able to drive a steady flow of customers through the front door. A business owner like yourself looks at an ad professional (like myself) and says, “My only problem is traffic. If I only had more traffic, I’d sell more customers.”

If only attracting more traffic were the problem, that would be an easy fix.

Businesses bring me in when…

• They have a need to advertise their business more profitably, and make that cash register ring.

• Their sales have flattened and they don’t know why, their sales staff needs a tune up or to learn better strategies to convert prospects to customers.

• They’re very good at what they do but want to expand their marketing, focus their strategy and start spending smart ad dollars that build their business by experiencing exponential growth.

• When there is a disconnect with the message of the company and the customers they attract.

• When they want to position their company to be the company customers think of first and feel best about when their customer’s needs arise.

We’re not your Madison Avenue style of advertising. My Wizard of Ad Partners and I work with business owners who are fiercely loyal to their own success. Understand that an advertising campaign has to be nurtured and planted into the mind of the buying public before they trust you, and this takes time.

You can’t just throw down a few seeds and over the next few weeks expect a full harvest.

Are you good at what you do?

So are we.

The Wizard of Ads is a specialized team of marketing and advertising professionals that can make things happen for your business that you can’t even imagine.

Can you visualize even higher profits?

Better market share?

Better positioning?

Do you want to outsell your competition?

Even dominate your market?

 I will need your commitment to grow your business.

Ad agencies make a percentage of every dollar you spend…

Ad agencies make more when you spend more…

Ad agencies bill by the hour…

The Wizard of Ad Partners make money only when you make money.

We deliver the business strategies and concepts for growth on a silver platter. I hope you take advantage of what we can offer your company.

Let the Wizard of Ad Partners help you go where you need to go.

Let us help you get there.

Become the company customers think of first and feel the best about.

More customers call you.
More customers visit your website.
More customers walk through your store.

The results? You grow faster.

Let’s grow your business not by percentages but by multiples.

Call me, I would love to talk to you about your business success.

Jerry Cassandro

818 395-9886

“If I hire the Wizard of Ads, what am I going to get for my money?”

Good Question.

Let me ask you?

What are you getting for your money now?

The amount of money you have already budgeted for your advertising has already been determined because you’re spending it already. What results are you seeing now?

We can do more with 80% of your ad budget than you can do with 100%.

Not hiring us is much more expensive than hiring us

What’s one of our secrets?