In the consulting offices of the Wizard of Ads Partners, we are asked an amazing assortment of questions on a daily basis. 

“Which type of advertising works best?” 
“Which words are the ones people cannot resist?” 
“What type of music works best in radio ads?” 
“What color combinations have been proven to be most effective?” 
“What works best, radio, TV, or newspaper?”
 “What are the secrets? I want the secrets.”

The secrets? 

Here they are:
1. Decide what you have to say.
2. Find a hundred different ways to say it.
3. Say it convincingly.
4. Say it again.
5. Keep on saying it.

The effectiveness of your ad campaign will be limited only by your commitment to your message, and the persuasiveness of your ads. 

The secret in a phrase, 
“It’s what you SAY that counts.”

How the message is delivered is completely secondary. 

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