Testing the Advertising Waters

"Money is too precious to spend on experiments, but it's amazing how many people do." - David Carmichael What are one of the main reasons why most advertising fails? There are approximately one hundred and twenty thousand sales people responsible for selling advertising on the television and radio stations of America and Australia. Each of … Continue reading Testing the Advertising Waters

The Highest Goal of Advertising…

Now before I reveal to you advertising’s highest goal, tell me what strategy you’re using in advertising your company? How often does the average citizen purchase the product or service you sell? Most businesses advertise as if this was the final weekend, they act as if after this weekend they will no longer be selling … Continue reading The Highest Goal of Advertising…

Escape the Dungeon of Depression

As the lack of sleep wore me down, a sense of hopelessness enveloped me. I knew that nothing I did could change the situation. There was nothing I could do. I was convinced that I was laboring under some kind of curse so that any efforts of my own to fight this situation were foredoomed … Continue reading Escape the Dungeon of Depression

Pushing a Car

Chapter 7 Wizard of Ads Have you ever had to push a car? Using your back and your legs and every ounce of strength you can summon, you gasp and strain and make faces as the doubt flickers through your mind: “I’m not sure I can do this.” Then the car moves its first inch … Continue reading Pushing a Car

Three Ways to Get Rich! L.A.D.

"I always look forward to my lunches with Ray Bard because he teaches me valuable things. He doesn’t intend to teach me things; it just happens." Our short lunches last 3 hours. Our record is 6 ½. Ray is my publisher. During our most recent lunch, Ray said – and I’m inclined to agree with … Continue reading Three Ways to Get Rich! L.A.D.

How Advertising Really Works

We know for sure, based on our experience that there's no direct correspondence between dollars invested in advertising and results. There is No mathematical formula to answer the advertiser’s question… “If I spend X amount of dollars on advertising, what can I expect to happen in return?” The amount of money you spend on an … Continue reading How Advertising Really Works

Transactional Vs. Relational Shoppers Can’t Decide What Information to Include in Your Ads?

Surprise: There's more than one answer. What is the most important information to put in an ad: Price? Selection? Quick and friendly service? Store hours? Brands we carry? Guarantees? Testimonials? The fact that we're a family-owned business? Every person has a transactional mode and a relational mode of shopping. And the "right" thing to say … Continue reading Transactional Vs. Relational Shoppers Can’t Decide What Information to Include in Your Ads?

My Philosophy On Selling

"Marketing and sales isn’t trying to persuade, coerce or manipulate people into buying your product or services. It’s about putting yourself out in front of people, offering your services to those whom you are meant to serve—People who already need and are looking for your services." —–Michael Porter Author ‘Book Yourself Solid Sales is an … Continue reading My Philosophy On Selling

The Media Is Not The Message

"I'm in the furniture business. Which media should I use?" "I'd like to target people who are afraid of the dentist. Can you recommend a good mailing list company?" "My uncle uses television ads to attract new customers and they work really well for him. Television ads have made him rich. What's your opinion of … Continue reading The Media Is Not The Message

Shoestring Marketing for the One Man Band

A wonderful tribe of strange visionaries who threw caution to the wind, flinging themselves into an economic unknown, created our American economy. I speak of the brave individuals who started their own businesses on a shoestring and a prayer. Although their ideas were often untested and they rarely had enough money to advertise – somehow, … Continue reading Shoestring Marketing for the One Man Band