Every journey, however long, including one you maybe thinking of taking, begins with a single step. You must make that first step. Once you do, each step you take takes you closer and closer to your goal.

Sometimes, when you consider taking on a new project in your life, a new journey, whether that be raising a new child, writing a book, starting a business, beginning a savings plan or anything else…the task can seems overwhelming. It’s as though you’ll never be able to arrive at your final destination, as if the first step isn’t going to help. When you look too far out towards the horizon, it can seem too difficult. You might even wonder where to begin.

The trick to success sounds a little too simplistic, because it is very simple: Just begin.

Take a single step, followed by another, then by another. Don’t look too far into the future, and don’t look back to far into your past. Stay centered in the present moment, you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish over a small amout of time.